America’s Road Rage Capitals

Road Rage Capitals

The road is a dangerous place, with more than four million traffic accidents occurring every year, leading to human tragedy and financial burden. Road rage is often the culprit, with drivers turning their cars into weapons to fight other motorists. Driver hostility is exacerbated by aggressive driving habits learned from television and video games, as well as environmental factors such as traffic density and unexpected slowdowns due to construction zones. URL

Luckily, most people have a better understanding of the need to remain calm behind the wheel. However, a bad day at work or being late to an important appointment can make anyone feel overwhelmed by road conditions and other drivers’ misbehavior. This stress can lead to a dangerous road rage incident with an angry gesture, blaring horns or a crazy retaliatory drive that could end up killing someone.

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When many people think of America’s angriest or discourteous drivers, images of raging New York cabbies and over-stressed Los Angeles commuters come to mind. But the real story may be a little more complicated.

A recent study by Circuit Route Planner analyzed data from various sources, including the Zebra Survey, a Twitter scrape for the hashtag #roadrage and local government statistics to determine America’s Road Rage Capitals. The list was topped by Salt Lake City, Utah, where more than three-quarters of drivers reported being honked at in frustration. Millennials, those aged 29 to 43, were the most likely to be involved in road-rage incidents. This generation is also more likely to be distracted while driving, which can contribute to their road-rage behaviors.

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