Choosing a Podcast Management Agency

podcast management agency

Podcast management agency is an incredibly time-consuming project. Hiring an agency can take the weight off your shoulders, eliminate logistic headaches and late night editing sessions & ensure your show is always optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) and in line with best practices.

Full-service podcast agencies often provide a variety of services to make sure your podcast is successful from start to finish. These include assisting with content planning, producing episodes, audio engineering, publishing services and marketing support. They also work with you to establish a clear podcasting strategy, set goals and deliver high-quality results.

Many podcast production companies will offer additional services like video editing. For example, Editaudio provides editing services to podcasters for their branded podcasts. This company is queer-led and offers packages starting at $500/episode. Their editing process includes a paper edit, fine cut and the creation of social media snackable clips.

Finding Your Voice: How a Podcast Management Agency Helps Refine Your Brand and Content

Some podcast management agencies will handle guest scheduling and outreach. This is a very valuable service and is something you should look for when choosing an agency to manage your podcast. It can save you hours of time that you would otherwise be spending on guest research and scheduling.

Some podcast production companies will help you promote your podcast with paid advertising, social media and email campaigns. This is a great way to increase the reach of your podcast and attract new listeners. This is especially important if you are a B2B podcast.

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