Electric Fences For Sale

Electric fences for sale are an affordable, effective method of keeping livestock in and discouraging trespassers. They provide more containment than conventional fences while reducing maintenance. The shock an animal feels is very short lived and does not cause any physical damage, whereas barbed wire can leave a painful bruise on the hide. This link https://fencefast.ca/collections/all-in-one-kits

An electric fence energizer converts mains or battery power into an extremely brief, high voltage pulse that is delivered to the insulated fence conductors. This pulse only lasts for around 150 microseconds. It is essential that the energizer is powerful enough to deliver this pulse over the entire length of your fence and at a rate appropriate for the type of animals you will be containing.

Recommended joule levels are given for different animal species, hair thickness and overall behavior. The number of joules you need also depends on the length of your fence. A good rule of thumb is to allow for 2 miles per energizer so that the current’s pressure will be maintained over the entire length of your fence.

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It is important that the energizer is kept up to date and in working order. It should be checked regularly to ensure that insulators are not lost and that the voltage is sufficient. A good rule of thumb is to purchase an energizer that is slightly larger than you will need. This will allow for growth in your operation or future expansions of existing paddocks. A smaller energizer will require more frequent replacement of batteries or may not be able to keep up with the power demands of your fence.

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