Full Spectrum Cartridges

When a full spectrum carts it means it contains the entourage of minor cannabinoid compounds that naturally accompany all dominant cannabinoids (like THC and CBD). Full spectrum extracts also retain the flavor, aroma and therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant. This is what makes a full spectrum cart so enjoyable.

Cartridges are filled with either live resin or distillate. Live resin is a full-spectrum extraction that captures the nuanced terpene profile of the cannabis plant before it’s dried and cured. Unlike cured bud, the terpenes in live product don’t deteriorate over time, making it a more potent and flavorful concentrate.

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Distillate is a more refined form of concentrate that’s made by boiling the cannabinoids out of the plant. It’s not quite as high-quality as a rosin or BHO extract, but it still packs a punch. This is because it’s made with only a tiny amount of refinement and focuses only on the most beneficial cannabinoids — and no thinning agents like PG, VG or MCT oil.

If you’re looking for a THC delta 8 cart with all the natural terpenes and cannabinoids, check out Professor Cron X’s products. These are made with premium distillate and strain-specific terpenes — with no PG, VG or MCT oil or other unhealthy fillers. They’re available at all of Silver Therapeutics’ Missouri locations, and are compatible with most 510-thread cartridges.

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