How To Choose The Perfect Fit For Athletic Polos

athletic polos

Whether you’re at the gym or playing golf, athletic polos are an essential wardrobe item for anyone who enjoys active lifestyle. These polo shirts come in various styles and colors that fit all body types. They are also great for business purposes as they can create a uniform look for your brand.

Types of Fabric for Athletic Polo Shirts

Among the various fabrics available in the market, cotton polo shirts are the most popular because they are extremely soft and absorbent. They are also very breathable and dry up fast.

Linen polo shirts are also very popular because of their absorbent properties and crisp look. These shirts are more durable and crease resistant than other kinds of polo shirts.

From Gym to Street: How to Style Athletic Polos for Men and Women

Performance polo shirts are designed for sports like tennis and golf and have a wick moisture feature that helps in keeping you cool while you sweat. They also offer UV protection.

How To Choose The Perfect Fit

Choosing the right fitting shirt for your physique is very important because it can make or break your appearance. The collar and sleeves of a polo should fit snugly without feeling tight. You should never wear a polo that is too large or too small for your body type.

A polo should sit just above the waistband and be close to the mid-crotch when untucked. When tucked, it should fall halfway through your buttocks in the back and below the fly in the front.

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