Investing Apps For Beginners and Experts

Investing best investment apps for beginners — from beginners to experts. The best investment apps feature low trading fees, educational resources and customer service that is available on your schedule. They also offer a range of investment assets, including individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and even cryptocurrencies.

For newbies, consider an app that automates the process of investing, such as Betterment or Stash. Betterment is one of the first robo-advisors and offers low fees that don’t eat into your profits. Its hands-off approach focuses on saving for retirement or other goals, and uses algorithms to automatically rebalance portfolios to align with your financial goal.

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Other top apps for beginners include TD Ameritrade, which provides access to over-the-counter securities, futures and foreign exchange through a free brokerage account. It also offers a robust research library and streaming market news, and an integrated trading app that can handle complex order types. Its trading app is a good fit for active traders and boasts powerful charting tools and advanced order options, and it’s available on both iOS and Android.

Webull is another well-rounded investing app that allows users to purchase commission-free stocks and ETFs, plus trade options, mutual funds, exchange-traded notes and some cryptocurrencies. It also features a trading simulator and in-depth analysis tools that can help beginners develop and test strategies before investing real money. And it’s designed to be used on the go with a mobile app, a desktop browser and a web-based console.

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