Manny Mota

Mota | CBDLuxe is a surname. The last name Mota is derived from Italian and can be spelled in many different ways because of regional traditions and dialects. Some of these variations include Mottola, Motino, and La Motta.

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The word mota is also used as slang for marijuana. In Mexican Spanish there are 2 definitions for mota: mota de polvo, meaning speck of dust; and mota mariguana or pot, referring to marijuana. Both of these words are used in Mexico and in the US border states.

Manny Mota was born in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, on January 21, 1942. His father was a soldier in the army who died when Mota was six or seven years old. His mother, Fredesvinda Mota, opened a grocery store to support her family. Mota’s mother taught him to read at a very young age and encouraged his interest in baseball, which was his passion throughout his life.

Signed out of the Dominican Republic as an amateur free agent in the late 1950s, Mota made his MLB debut with the San Francisco Giants in 1962. The Giants were impressed by his bat speed and his ability to put wood on the ball, but were not happy with his lack of power. In December, they traded him to the Houston Colt.45s, a recent expansion team, in exchange for infielder Joey Amalfitano.

In the short amount of time he spent in the majors, Mota became one of the game’s most proficient pinch-hitters. He reached base 52 percent of the time he came to bat, and his career average as a pinch-hitter was a robust.265 – not bad for a guy who started his professional career at the age of 19.

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