Live Football Updates

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Get live football updates with every goal scored, key match stats and news. Personalised news and notifications make it easy to follow the matches you care about. Lightning-fast match updates mean you’ll never miss a moment, even when you’re watching from the sidelines. Follow all the action from the Premier League, URL ค้นหาเว็บไซต์ UFA

Tips for Finding Reliable Live Football Updates Online

Champions League, EFL Championship, Scottish Premiership, FA Women’s Super League, plus international tournaments like Euros, AFCON and the Nations League. And with the ability to add games to your calendar, you can keep up with your favourite team wherever you are..

Matt Holland and Tim Sherwood discuss how Tottenham stifled Aston Villa’s link-up play in their 4-0 win on Monday night.

Investing Apps For Beginners and Experts

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Investing best investment apps for beginners — from beginners to experts. The best investment apps feature low trading fees, educational resources and customer service that is available on your schedule. They also offer a range of investment assets, including individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and even cryptocurrencies.

For newbies, consider an app that automates the process of investing, such as Betterment or Stash. Betterment is one of the first robo-advisors and offers low fees that don’t eat into your profits. Its hands-off approach focuses on saving for retirement or other goals, and uses algorithms to automatically rebalance portfolios to align with your financial goal.

Navigating the Markets: Best Brokers for Day Trading in the UK

Other top apps for beginners include TD Ameritrade, which provides access to over-the-counter securities, futures and foreign exchange through a free brokerage account. It also offers a robust research library and streaming market news, and an integrated trading app that can handle complex order types. Its trading app is a good fit for active traders and boasts powerful charting tools and advanced order options, and it’s available on both iOS and Android.

Webull is another well-rounded investing app that allows users to purchase commission-free stocks and ETFs, plus trade options, mutual funds, exchange-traded notes and some cryptocurrencies. It also features a trading simulator and in-depth analysis tools that can help beginners develop and test strategies before investing real money. And it’s designed to be used on the go with a mobile app, a desktop browser and a web-based console.

What Is a Concrete Bund?

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A concrete bund is an enclosure that surrounds tanks to provide secondary containment in the event of a tank leak or spill. They are a common requirement on sites with large amounts of hazardous liquid storage, such as COMAH sites or oil storage facilities. Bunds are also sometimes required for other equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers and filters. In many cases the bund walls are constructed of concrete and a floor is laid, but in some instances other materials such as geotubes can be used.

The most important aspect of any bund is the design, sizing and construction. In general a bund should be sized to hold 110% of the largest tank volume or 25% of total site capacity, whichever is greater.

Exploring Concrete Bunds: Features and Applications

Wall heights of bunds can vary, but typically they are built to a maximum of 1.5 meters. Taller walls increase the capacity of a bund and help to protect against the ‘spigot flow’ effect (where a tank fails and liquid passes over the wall into the bund) or the ‘tidal wave’ effect that can occur during a catastrophic tank failure. However, high walls can restrict access and ventilation of a bund and are not always suitable where flammable chemicals are stored.

All bunds should be regularly inspected, with a system in place for the detection of minor problems such as cracking or leakage. In addition, it is usual to install a system for the draining of rainwater to prevent flooding or water immersion of tanks and other equipment. This is normally achieved by incorporating a drain at the lowest point of a sloping floor with a manual valve, normally kept closed. Operating schedules should include daily opening of the valve to remove accumulated rainwater, which will also aid in the identification of minor leaks.

Bristol Guide – The Best Places to See in Bristol

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From the stylish tearooms of Clifton to the low-key boozers of Stokes Croft, Bristol Guide is not afraid to go its own way. That’s especially true of its street art scene, where Bristol is said to be the home of covert artist Banksy. This is the place to come to see his works – but it’s also a chance to explore the city’s other graffiti artists and learn about the area’s long history of rebellion.

Nature Escapes: Green Spaces and Parks in Bristol

Take a tour of the M Shed, a museum in a dockside transit shed that follows Bristol’s 2,000 year history including its role in the slave trade. The museum is free and features more than 3,000 artifacts, including historic vessels like a fire boat and the city’s oldest surviving steam tugboat.

Stroll through the Old City, with its charming streets and ancient churches. Visit the Old Vic theater and shop at St Nicholas Markets before crossing through one of the remaining city gates.

A 105-foot tower commemorates John Cabot’s voyage to America and is a symbol of the city’s commercial success. Those who are feeling more adventurous can climb the tower’s spiral staircase.

During the day, you can visit the nearby Wookey Hole Caves, which feature limestone formations that resemble human figures. The site is a quick and easy day trip from the city, with plenty of guided tours available to discover the unique landscape.

How to Find a Reputable Roofer in Coquina Beach

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Whether you live in a coastal town or in a more inland community, you want the right roofing contractor to protect your property from harsh weather conditions. Choose a roofing company with a proven track record in the industry, and one that values your home’s beauty, functionality, and value. A reliable roofer in Coquina Beach will help you achieve the beautiful, safe, and secure home that you deserve.

The team at SCM roofer Anna Maria can provide the high-quality, durable roofing you need for your Coquina Beach home. They have extensive experience working in the region, and they understand its unique needs and culture. They offer premium metal roofing that will withstand decades of intense sun, rain, and wind. They can also install energy-efficient and hurricane-resistant roofing that will save you money on your utility bills.

What is the Angi rating for this pro?

The Angi rating is based on verified reviews from real homeowners like you. Share a few details about your project, and within moments, you’ll be matched with highly-rated local pros. Compare quotes, then select the pro that’s right for you.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape. For example, you can check for signs of leakage by looking around your property. Dark stains and mold are often a clear indication of a leaky roof, as are damaged or missing shingles. If you find any of these problems, you should call Florida Southern Roofing to get the issue fixed quickly.

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