The Benefits of Rubber Wet Pour

rubber wet pour

Rubber wet pour is a soft and durable surfacing option that offers a range of benefits. It is safety certified, low maintenance, and provides a decorative finish. It is a popular choice for playgrounds, sports facilities, and swimming pool surrounds. It can also be used for walkways, paths and commercial areas.

Its versatility, safety features and customizability make rubber wet pour a favorite for many different applications. It’s a great option for children’s play grounds because it helps to prevent serious injuries caused by falls, and it is shock-absorbent. Additionally, it can be installed in a variety of colors and designs to suit the aesthetics of the space.

Revamp Your Playground with Rubber Wet Pour: A Step-by-Step Installation Guide

The system consists of EPDM rubber granules and a binder that is mixed onsite and then poured onto a suitable base. It is laid to a thickness that corresponds with the critical fall height of any equipment installed in the area. The surface can be colored in various shades and designs, with educational aids and games incorporated to create fun and interactive spaces for children.

The surfacing can be refurbished and repaired by a professional. It can be made to look like new and will remain in good condition for a long time if it is maintained regularly. However, it is essential to have a trusted and experienced team install the surface to ensure it meets industry standards. It is also important to perform regular inspections and make any repairs as soon as they are necessary to preserve the integrity of the surfacing.

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