The History of Plumbing in Adelaide

As Australia’s fifth largest city, Adelaide has a rich history of plumbing in Adelaide. From its humble beginnings, the town grew to become a bustling city of over 500,000 residents. Today, it is a vibrant hub of industry and culture and is home to many world-renowned companies.

The earliest settlers of Adelaide set up camp near the Torrens River, which was the main source of water for the settlement. Surveyor-General Colonel William Light recognised the river’s significance and included it in his plans from the start. The locals used the river to bathe, for drinking and even as a dump for waste. With little care for the environment, the Torrens quickly became a free-for-all. It was not long before typhoid and dysentery spread through the city.

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In a bid to make things better, the government started work on a sewerage system for the city in 1856. This spurred a change in behaviour and the city began taking care of the river. Citizens were instructed to build water filters, which were often ineffective, using jars, slate, washed gravel, and sand. In the end, it was only after five children died of dysentery that the government finally banned bathing and dumping animal waste into the river.

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