What Is Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial Truck Insurance

What is Commercial Truck Insurance?

In addition to protecting your company from the risks of a Commercial Truck Insurance accident, a commercial trucking policy also helps to protect your cargo and pay for expenses in the event of a theft. It also covers any additional drivers that you hire to drive the vehicle and may even cover the cost of a rental car while your truck is in the shop.

The type of cargo and distance you travel can affect your premiums as well. In addition, a history of accidents or violations on your driver’s record can raise your rates. Lastly, if you haul a more expensive load of cargo, your rate will be higher. The deductible you choose will also affect your rate. Choosing a higher deductible will reduce your premium.

Commercial Truck Insurance: Essential Coverage for Protecting Your Business Assets

Investopedia rated Progressive as the best overall commercial truck insurer in 2023 because of their wide range of coverage options and stellar customer service. They offer both basic and specialized policies that are available to owner-operators in all 50 states. They have multiple coverage options, including physical damage coverage, non-trucking liability, and other specialty features.

Another option for a comprehensive commercial truck policy is The Hartford. They have high satisfaction ratings and below-average consumer complaints in two out of three years. They offer general and specialized coverages for pickup trucks, trailer interchange, equipment breakdown, and more. They also have a large network of local agents. They are the largest commercial truck insurer in the United States and have a strong reputation for customer service.

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