Michigan Speakeasy Bars

Michigan speakeasy

If you’re looking for an experience that is a little out of the ordinary, then check out one of Michigan’s many speakeasy-inspired bars. These hidden drinking establishments are making a comeback as people seek out a more intimate, relaxing experience than the loud crowded bars found in most cities. Originally, speakeasy’s were illegal establishments that served alcohol during Prohibition in the United States, which ended when the Twenty-first Amendment was passed in 1933. Today’s speakeasy’s often require a password or special knock to gain entry, and they usually serve eye-catching cocktails prepared by a mixologist. More info Weiss Distilling Co.

Time Travel to Prohibition Era: Michigan’s Hidden Speakeasy Gems

Located in the basement of a former First National Bank of Plymouth building, Ebenezer is an upscale, secluded bar that serves food and drinks. The bar is decorated with century-old furniture including couches and high backed chairs, as well as old photographs. The drink menu includes eye catching options like the Rose Martini that comes with a smoke bubble, but the Ebenezer is laid back enough to offer simple two ingredient cocktails and beers as well.


The Counting Room is hidden in the basement of a historic hotel and requires a reservation to enter. This bar is a modern take on an historical speakeasy and serves whiskeys and other spirits with a focus on the history of the area. It features a bar surface made of layers of coins and professional mixologists prepare cocktails with hand-sculpted ice and premium ingredients. The Counting Room is a great place to enjoy a craft cocktail with a friend or date and is also a great spot for conversation.

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